Take Control of Your Day, Become A Daily Curator

Many of us feel attacked by our day. We are reacting from the moment our alarm goes off, reacting to our kids, our work, the news, the social media comment, the late night email, the appointments, the day ahead.

Then we jump to, putting out fires, responding, multi-tasking, and haphazardly approaching the day.

It is chaotic.

Becoming a Daily Curator will change that.

A Daily Curator means you can go beyond just getting “things” done, and instead plan to curate a day that meets the requirements while still give you the space to focus on an interest, hobby, work or whatever you wish you had the time for. It is about being productive, and not is that buzzword for the overworked kind of way.

A Daily Curator is productive because they are creative, useful, valuable, and fruitful.


Becoming a Daily Curator is about following a system.

It isn’t about using a certain journal, planner, calendar or app.

It is about the habit of planning for each and every day.